FLAICA-CUB, CGIL-FP and UILTuCS-UIL trade unions, have called a staff meeting on 04/16/2024 from 8.00 to 14.00 . On this date opening of the library and regular services will not be guaranteed.


BEM was established in 2013, as an aggregation of the book heritage coming from the Central Library of the Faculty of Economics, from the "Diego De Castro", "Dino and Piero Gribaudi" and Commodity Science departmental libraries and from the Book Points of the former department of Economic Law, the former department "G. Prato" and the former department of Business Economics.


It is the reference point for all the library services supporting research and teaching conducted at the Departments of Management and Department of Economic-Social and Mathematical-Statistical Sciences and of the School of Management and Economics and aims to guarantee to its institutional users and to the territory, in compliance with its Services Charter and its Services Regulation, direct access, in the appropriate forms and with the greatest possible breadth, to the preserved library heritage, to the sources of information and documentation useful for the disciplinary areas of reference and the services offered.


For this purpose, BEM maintains and develops its own collections, both in paper and digital format; organizes and offers qualified and technologically advanced library services to support both teaching and research; activates collaborative relationships with the territory, in line with the principles of its Third Mission.


The Library's assets (over 280,000 volumes, arranged on over 8 kms of shelves) cover disciplines ranging from economics to management, from economic law to economic history, from economic geography to Social Sciences, from Applied mathematics and statistics to Commodities Sciences.


With its organization, the Library promotes its management by processes aimed at enhancing the specific skills of the staff, with particular attention to measuring performance and user satisfaction.


BEM adheres to national projects such as SBN, ILL-SBN, ACNP, NILDE, ESSPER.