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Print, reproductions and scans

At BEM you can make copies, print documents and scan paper materials.
Copying articles or parts of books for personal use is permitted in compliance with current legislation on copyright (Law No. 633/1941 and subsequent amendments and additions).



PAY ATTENTION: the card dispenser doesn't give change!

Card price: 5 EURO -  content: 312 CREDITS
Print / Copy / Scan A4 B/W 2 CREDITS (corresponding to 0.032 €)
Print / Copy / Scan A3 B/W 3 CREDITS (corresponding to 0.048 €)
Print / Copy / Scan A4 COLOR 10 CREDITS (corresponding to 0.16 €)
Print / Copy / Scan A3 COLOR 16 CREDITS (corresponding to 0.25 €)
  1. insert your USB memory stick in the dedicated port located on the side of the display
  2. select the function you need
  3. select the file to print (it must be in PDF, JPG e TIFF formats: remeber to convert your MS Word files in pdf format before printing) 
  4. before removing your memory stick select the green icon available in the lower corner of the display.  

Please find instructions and contacts to report faults or problems with the machines exposed close to them.