Digital libraries

Archive that holds, among others, the digitized collections of the Library of Economics and Management (Fondo Prato and Miscellanea). It contains the digitization of some ancient and valuable funds owned by UNITO. Detailed information on the collections is available on the project website. It contains millions of documents (books and manuscripts, but also photos, paintings, television programs and films, sculptures and crafts, diaries and maps, musical scores and recordings, etc.).
Google Books
Digital library of the National library of France and its partners. Service that allows to search among bibliographic data, parts of text or within the entire text of millions of books. "Internet Archive" project that gives access to a wide range of digitized collections.
Manuzio Project
Project Gutemberg
World Digital Library
Digital library containing masterpieces of literature, manuals, degree theses, journals and other documents in electronic format. It allows access to a catalog of over 60,000 free ebooks. Library of Congress digital library