The library and the DEWEY classification

The library uses an open shelf organization for its materials. The system to classify and mark books on the shelves is the Decimal Dewey Classification (DDC). This way books are organized on the shelves following a class and subclass logic allowing users to browse more easily the shelves directly finding books about the same subject instead of (or together with) a search on the catalogue.

If you wish to enhance your knowledge about how the DEWEY classification works, you may read the introductory guide created by the National Library Association (AIB).

Some libraries make available some tools aimed at "browsing" more easily among classes and subclasses of the DDC. These tools may represent a good starting point to find a class you are interested in and then to browse the relative shelves finding books on the subject of your interest. For instance:

  • DEWEY navigator maintained by the Central National Library of Florence
  • DEWEY navigator maintained by LIUC (Libera Universit√† "C. Cattaneo" di Castellanza)