FLAICA-CUB, CGIL-FP and UILTuCS-UIL trade unions, have called a staff meeting on 04/16/2024 from 8.00 to 14.00 . On this date opening of the library and regular services will not be guaranteed.

Workstations and Wi-Fi


At BEM, a few workstations are available for internet access and consultation of electronic resources. These workstations are equipped with the most commonly used software.

You can access workstations using your University SCU account. If you are an external user you can get a 3-month SCU-Guest account.

You can use workstations only for study and research purposes and you are personally responsible for their good use and for any violations of protected access, copyright and licenses. Particularly serious cases may be reported to the judicial authority.

Your desktop is automatically cleaned up when you log out, so remember to save your files to removable media or online.

Workstations equipped with special equipments are available to people with disabilities.



At BEM you can use your personal devices. To connect them to the mains, use the power sockets available near some tables (consult the seat map to identify the powered stations).

For safety reasons it is not allowed to stretch power cables between the tables.



BEM is covered by UNITO WIFI networks.

Find details on the available wifi networks and their configuration in the dedicated section of the University website.