Workstations and Wi Fi


Many workstations are available at BEM for internet access and consultation of the free and subscription based electronic resources available on the net. The computers are equipped with commonly used software such as the Microsoft Office package, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and PDF Creator (useful for converting files of different sources into .pdf format). The SPSS statistical processing package and the STATA software are also available.

To access the BEM PCs you must use the University's SCU credentials (the same ones you use to access MyUnito and the institutional mailbox).

The library issues temporary access credentials to external users upon identification. These credentials entitle you to access fixed workstations located in the library and, upon request, the University WiFi network.
WARNING: they do not allow access to electronic resources from home.


IMPORTANT: workstations available in the library are not suitable for saving documents permanently. It is only possible to save them temporarily and for the current session only. The machines are in fact restored to their original state every time the user logs off and this means that everything that has been saved on it is permanently deleted. Remember to always use removable media or web storage space.


The use of the workstations is allowed for study and research purposes only. You are required to refund any damage caused to equipment, software or configurations. In particularly serious cases you can be banned from the service and / or the library.

According to current laws, you are personally responsible for the use of the service, and in particular for violations of protected accesses, copyrights and licenses.



The library reserves some workstations for quick catalog searches. These do not require user authentication and can be used to quickly search for a book on the University catalog.



If you are sure to have correctly entered your username and password and are still unable to access the library and / or WIFI but you are able to access your MyUnito, to fix the authentication problem it is sometimes necessary to change your password on MyUnito:

  1. Connect to MyUnito with your current credentials
  2. Click on your name at the top right and choose the item "SCU change password"
  3. Set a new password following the instructions indicated on the page.

Once the password has changed, wait a few minutes and you should be able to access workstations again.

If the above procedure is also unsuccessful, you must contact the toll-free service.





You may use your mobile devices in the library. You must use one of the availabe Wi Fi networks to to connect to the Internet.  Should you need to recharge your devices many workstation stands or seats areas are equipped with electric power plugs.

PAY ATTENTION: for safety reasons we ask you not to lay your charging cables among the seats and tables of the reading room. If you need to recharge your device please use one of the seats or stands equipped for that.




The library is entirely covered by WIFI networks made available by Regno to allow users to surf the net for free using their own portable devices: notebooks, tablets and smarthpones.

You can find details on the available wifi networks and their configuration in the dedicated section of the University website [italian only].