To sign up for the service and to borrow books, bring your National Tax Code (Codice Fiscale / Tessera sanitaria) with you.

You can view the number of volumes and the duration of the loan for the user category you belong to in the following table:


USER TYPE shelfmark range Number of books and loan diration Extension duration for each loan
Ordinary students and ERASMUS students ALL (except EDISU and OU) 3 books for 15 days 15 days
About to graduate students ALL (except EDISU and OU) 5 books for 30 days 15 days
Researchers / Teaching staff DEWEY 10 books for 90 days 30 days
  DID 10 books for 15 days 15 days
  RIC unlimited for 3 years 3 years
Staff members ALL 3 books for 15 days 15 days
Research granted / recipients of scholarship / PhD Students / Masters students / who is about to specializing ALL 10 books for 30 days 30 days
External users ALL 3 books for 15 days 15 days


PLEASE NOTE: volumes prior to 1930 and / or in a bad state of conservation, encyclopedias, dictionaries and periodicals are excluded from the loan. Limitations or variations may be foreseen for particular types of materials, such as textbooks. 



Renewals (or extensions) are possible only within and not beyond the expiry date and given there are no bookings by other users. If you have the SCU access you can extend your loans autonomously through the "Personal Area" of the Unito Catalog, otherwise you can call 011-6706136 or send an email to


On the UNITO Catalog, using your SCU access, you can:

  • reserve volumes that are already on loan to other users. When the book is returned, you receive a notification by email on your institutional email  account and you have 3 working days to collect it.
  • send loan requests for volumes that are available in order to make the book you are interested in be put aside for 2 working days (included the day of request).

If you are a student about to graduate, you are entitled to borrow more books than usual and for a longer period of time. You just have to get your thesis supervisor to sign a loan extension application form and bring it to BEM. Before applying for admission to the degree exam, you must have returned all the volumes that you have borrowed.


You can delegate to other persons the withdrawal of documents with a written mandate by attaching a copy of your identity document.


To borrow the reading room books, you can use the self-checkout station (you must have your National Health System card with your Tax code (Codice fiscale) with you).

To return borrowed books, simply place the volumes on the automated white trolley located in the central corridor.


The loan is personal and non-transferable and you are responsible for the integrity of the items and for their return within the deadline. Remember to always check the integrity and conservation status of the items at the time of loan and let the staff know about any problem.

If you damage the book or return it late you can be banned from the use of the service for a time lenght proportional to the delay and in the most serious cases be sued before the judicial authority.

If you lose a book on loan you have to buy it back or, if it is no longer on the market, buy material of equal value based on the indication of BEM. You will be banned from service until compensation.