Book a study space

For organizational and security reasons, access to BEM takes place by booking a study space by using the Affluences application. You can donwload the mobile APP from the Play Store and App Store, or by using the web portal.

With Affluences you can check in real time and reserve for you a study spa e or a service available upon reservation and get updated information on opening schedules and other useful news in progress.


  • To book a study space or service use your institutional email or your personal one according to the following guidelines
    • Students regularly enrolled in the courses, phd courses and masters of the University of Torino
    • ERASMUS students enrolled in the University of Torino
    • Teaching staff and researchers of the University of Torino
    • Staff memebers of the University of Torino 
    Students, professors, researchers and staff members of those universities whom the University of Torino has a 5-year reciprocity agreement with (2021-2026) such as:
    • Politecnico di Torino
    • Università del Piemonte orientale
    • Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo
    • Università della Valle d’Aosta – Université de la Vallée d’Aoste
    Anyone who doesn't have an institutional partnership with Unito such as students, teaching staff and staff members of other universities, alumni, freelancers, citizens, etc. 
    Unito's institutional email
    institutional email of the University you come from 
    your personal email
  • When you book you can choose the day, the time slot and the duration of your presence at BEM 

  • You will receive an email to confirm your booking. You must confirm it within 2 hours. When you access your first booking click on "Remember me". In the same email you will find the "Cancel my reservation" button: if you cannot come to the library, always remember to cancel your reservation, leaving the possibility for other users to take advantage of that study space.
    Reservation is personal. A sample monitoring will be carried out weekly in order to verify the regularity of the reservations.



You must confirm your presence at BEM by scanning the QR-code displayed at the entrance within 60 minutes from the start of the booked time slot, otherwise the reservation is automatically cancelled.

Please respect the end time of your reservation; if you need to stay for a longer time you can make another booking.

If you have difficulties, please contact the staff.


The first resources displayed by the APP when you access them are those free in the current time slot and, if you don't have any special needs, you can simply choose the first available seat.

If, on the other hand, you wish to choose a specific seat or a seat located in a specific area of the library, you can consult the map which shows you all the numbered places in the BEM.

Seats are distributed as follows:

  • seats from 1 to 33 and from 35 to 217 --> dedicated to Unito users and users of affiliated universities
  • seat 34 --> dedicated to the use of a table magnifier for easier reading of texts
  • places from EXT 1 to EXT 10 --> dedicated to external users
  • seats from WS 1 to WS 19 --> PC workstations (station 14 is not available)
  • WS DATASTREAM station --> PC station dedicated to consulting the EIKON / DATASTREAM database
  • WS LANGUAGE ENGLISH workstation --> PC workstation dedicated to consulting the bibliographic resources for the English language exam

The locations highlighted in GREEN on the map have electricity nearby. We recommend using these workstations if you need to connect devices to the mains so as not to create safety problems with any cables lying between the tables.