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Marketline becomes Global Data Explorer

Marketline Advantage becomes Global Data Explorer (GDX) and it has been expanded massively and offers a broad database for business analyses.

The Global Data Explorer database enables market, sector and company research worldwide. GDX covers all major industries, facilitates effective analysis and comparison of sectors, and identifies key market drivers. Compared to its predecessor MarketLine, GDX covers a significantly expanded range of data.

In addition, the database offers an improved and more user-friendly interface. The platform contains profiles of more than 750,000 companies, analyst opinions, cross-sector information, and country/city profiles.

At this point access to the dtabase may be done only on campus through this link or from home by using the Proxy Unito service.

Off campus acccess will be available once the new discovery tool Eureka is released.

WARNING: some content of this database appear to be locked at the moment. Fixing of this issue is in progress with the provider. We apologise for the inconvenience. Meanwhile Marketline Advantage database is still available until the 31st of december 2023.