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Live CHAT! service


Live CHAT! Is the online reference service of the University of Turin Library System from SnapEngage. At the moment this service can be accessed here:


  • Web sites of “Tutto” and the Academic Library System. Both are managed by the Digital Library Service department;
  • Web site of "Norberto Bobbio" library;
  • Web site of Economy and Management library;
  • Web site of "Federico Kiesow" Psychology library;
  • Web site of Libraries of Humanities.


This service is cookie law compliant. To effectively provide our services and activate certain functions, little text files (cookies) are installed on your device. This web site does not use any advertising cookie. Only technical and third-parties cookies are used. For detailed information about the way cookies are used in our web sites and how to disable them, please read this notice entirely.


Technical Cookies

Technical cookies are mandatory to use all the web site contents. Without them, some basic services cannot be provided. Therefore, cookies will be used unless browser setting changes are made by the final user. By browsing this site, you agree the said cookies can be installed on your device. According to the article 122, paragraph 1 of the privacy law (the version currently in force of the d.lgs.69/2012), technical cookies can be used without the user consent. The European body pooling all the Guarantor Authority for the privacy of the various Member States (the so-called "Article 29" group), made it clear in the Opinion 4/2012 (WP194) "Exemption from the consent to the use of cookies" the kind of cookies for which obtaining the informed consent from user is not needed.


Third-party Cookies

Browsing our web sites your device may also receive cookies which integrate third parties functions like icons, content sharing on social networks or value-added software services like maps or alike. Such cookies are sent from third-party domains and partners which provide their own services. In other words, these cookies come to you from website operators or servers different from this website. This type of cookies fall under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the emitting third party.

Therefore, users should read the notice about third-party privacy and cookies management policy directly on the websites of the following third-party service provider.



Our websites integrate an online chat service provided by SnapEngage. This software uses the cookies listed below to control the service operativity:

  • SnapABugRef
  • SnapABugChatSession
  • SnapABugNoProactiveChat
  • SnapABugChatPoll
  • SnapABugChatMessage
  • SnapABugChatView
  • SnapABugBanned

and in particular

  • SnapABugHistory - tracks user accesses and the last conversation the chat operator has conducted;
  • SnapABugVisit - track the start of a new session;
  • SnapABugUserEmail - it saves the cyphered email address the user has entered in the service registration form.


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How to disable cookies in your browser

In general, cookies may be disabled in your browser settings. You may choose not to accept any, or refuse those from third-parties only. To know how you may do this in your browser, please click on the following links and visit the related browser-specific web pages:


How to delete cookies

Even if third-party cookies authorization is disabled, cookies may have been saved in the user device before the said authorization has been denied. Although for technical reasons such cookies cannot be deleted, any user is allowed to remove them by selecting the option "Clear Browsing History" within the browser privacy settings. For detailed information, please click on one of the following links:


Further information

For more information about cookies, in particular how to verify which cookies have been saved and how to delete them, please visit or


Live CHAT! Privacy Policy

To get further information on privacy-related policy for Live CHAT! users, please read the "Live CHAT! privacy policy".


UniTO Web Portal Privacy Policy

To get further information on privacy-related policy for UniTo users, please read the UniTO web portal "Privacy" policies.