Suggest book purchases

Before suggesting the purchase of bibliographic material, check the possible availability of copies - paper or digital - already owned by the library on the UNITO Catalog or on the discovery tool TUTTO.

If the material is not available, use the form below to suggest the purchase.

Suggestions will be accepted depending on the financial means and the relevance with respect to the development policy of the collections established by the governing bodies of the library.

Please write in detail for each book the Title, Author / Editor, Date of issue, Publisher. These details can also be copied and pasted from another document, from an email or from a website (we suggest you copy the data available on a catalog or directly from a publisher's site). If you have a long list of books to offer, you can also send it to us as an attachment via email to the address indicated on the side.
(e.g. the reasons for the proposal)
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