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Locate a book at BEM

Say you have the following bibliographical reference:


Business model innovation strategy : transformational concepts and tools for entrepreneurial leaders / Raphael Amit and Christoph Zott
Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, 2021


and you want to check if BEM holds that book and where to find it. 

First of all connect to Unito catalog and serch for your reference.

Depending on the research you have done, you will find one or more recurrences already available at BEM. In our case we find exactly our title with only BEM holding it
If the book were also available in other libraries, you would also find them listed.

You find its sehlfmark in the tab just below.


Take note of the book's shelfmark.
It looks like a complex alphanumeric chain, but if you zoom in on the side image you can see how it's made up.

If it is a DEWEY collocation, the book is placed on the shelves of the reading areas, freely accessible. Using the signs, look for the shelf identified by the number before the dot and then locate the precise alphanumeric collocation on that shelf. You can help yourself with the plates that are affixed to the shelves aimed just to specify the topics availabel on them.

If it's a CONS collocation, you'll find it in the central corridor, while if it's a WP collocation, you'll find it in the serials room.

DID collocations must always be requested to the staff at the loan desk, which you can also contact to request all other collocations.

Do you want to discover books on a similar topic to the one you found?

The catalog allows you to browse BEM shelves virtually, giving you the possibility to find other books on a similar topic to the one you have found. To do so, click on the "Browse bookshelf" button found in the book profile and a "virtual shelf" will open for you to scroll with the arrows to view the available titles. If you find one of interest, click on it and discover other details about that book.

Book with the same shelfmark

Books on the same subject with the same or similar title and authors may have the same location. For example, the book


Business plan : casi pratici / Antonio Ferrandina. - 5.ed - Milanofiori, Assago (Mi) : IPSOA Gruppo Wolters Kluwer, 2017


has as a shelfmark: 658.4012 FER BUS


but at te very same place on the selves you may find also the 3rd edition of the same book. 

It may be that these are different editions of the same book. Or books that have the same subject where the title and author begin with the same three letters.
In these cases you will have to scroll through the book spines to find the book you are actually looking for.