Locate a book at BEM

Find a book at BEM

Suppose you have the following bibliographical reference:

The business model of organic companies : sustainability approaches through districts / Elisa Truant
Torino : Giappichelli, 2019

and you want to check if BEM hold it and where you can find it in the library.

First, connect to the UNITO Catalog and search for your reference.

Enter the keywords of the title in the "Title" or "Free search" field and if you are interested only in the books owned by BEM, select BEM from the libraries available right away.

You will find the location of that book at BEM. Write it down in order to pick it up on the shelf.

Click on the name of the library and take note of the location of the book.

If it's a DEWEY location, the book is in the reading room shelves, freely accessible: helping you with the signs, look for the shelf identified by the number before the point and then identify the precise alphanumeric location on that shelf. You can help yourself with the labels that are affixed to the shelves aimed at specifying the topics treated on them.

If it's a CONS location, you will find it in the central corridor, while if it's a WP you will find it in the serials room.

DID section books must always be asked for at the loan desk, to which you can also refer to in order to get help identifying all the other shelfmark sections.



Books on the same topic with the same or similar title and authors may have the same alphanumeric chain. Consider, for example, the book:

Business plan : casi pratici / Antonio Ferrandina. - 5.ed - Milanofiori, Assago (Mi) : IPSOA Gruppo Wolters Kluwer, 2017

If you look for this book you will find the following shelfmark:

658.4012 FER BUS

and when you fo to the shelf you'll find more than one book with the same shelfmark. For instance:

658.4012 FER BUS --> Business Plan: casi pratici di Antonio Ferrandina - 5. edizione 2017

658.4012 FER BUS --> Il Business Plan: casi pratici di Antonio Ferrandina - 3. edizione 2013

It may be that they are different editions of the same book. Or it may be a bunch of books that have the same topic (therefore they are on the same shelf or even close on the same shelf) and have the title that begins with the same word (or a similar word) and the same author (or author with similar name).

In these cases you will have to browse through the backs of the books to find the book you are actually looking for.