Find articles from ANVUR's A class journals

If you need to produce a bibliography limited to ANVUR's A-class journals, you must first download the list of such journals for area 13 (Economic and Social Sciences) by following these instructions:

  1. Connect to the dedicated ANVUR page;
  2. Select Area 13 - Class A Magazines and download the relative file. The resulting file is sorted alphabetically. The A-class journals for all sectors are those with the letter A;

At this point, keeping the list of ANVUR magazines at hand:

  1. connect to TUTTO, the advanced bibliographic research service of UNITO;
  2. write in the search box the terms useful for your thesis research (preferably in English);
  3. Scroll down the filter column on the left, up to the "Magazine title" filter;
  4. At the "Magazine title" filter, click on "More options". A pop-up window will open to refine your search where you can choose to include only the A-class journals on the ANVUR list. This way, the list of results will only present articles from the selected journals (to include only the journals of interest, tick the relevant boxes in the "Include" column for the desired journal).


In this case you must access TUTTO through BIBLIOPASS, otherwise you will not be able to download the articles.