Wi-Fi and workstations


A number of stand alone workstations are available at BEM for internet access and consultation of subscription electronic resources. Computers are equipped with the most commonly used software. The package for SPSS statistical processing and the STATA software is also available.

To access BEM workstations, you must use your University SCU account. If you are an external user you must ask us to issue a time-restricted account. This account lasts for 90 days and it's renewable.

Use of workstations is allowed for study and research purposes only. By law, you are personally responsible for using the service, particularly if you violate protected accesses, copyrights and licenses. You are required to pay compensation for any damage and in particularly serious cases you can be reported to the judicial authority.

Remember to always use removable media or web storage space to save your work!



If you need to recharge your personal devices, use the power outlets located close to some tables. For safety reasons we ask you not to stretch power cables between the tables.



The library is fully covered by WIFI networks made available by Unito to allow users to browse the web for free using their own devices.

Please find details on the available wifi networks and their configuration in the dedicated section of the University website.



If you are sure that you have correctly entered your username and password and are unable to access the stations and / or the WIFI, try changing the password on your MyUnito page:

  • Log in to MyUnito with your current account
  • Click on your name at the top right and choose "SCU change password"
  • Set a new password by following the instructions on the page.
  • Wait a few minutes and try to access again.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact the helpline at the toll-free number 800 098590 (mon - fri / 8-20 and Sat 8-13).

In the case of a Wi-Fi connection, it may be necessary to remove all the networks stored on your device and try to reconnect.