Print, reproductions and scans

You can print, scan and reproduct (within the legal limits of 15% of a whole work), in black and white or color, using the multifunctional machines belonging to the company Alba S.r.l. placed in the journal room and near the toilets, where you can also find the disposable card dispenser. We recommend that you sanitize your hands before use.


Cost of service:

WARNING: the card dispenser doesn't give change!

Card price: 5 EURO -  Content: 312 CREDITS
Print / copy / scan A4 B/W 2 CREDITS (equivalent to 0.032 €)
Print / copy / scan A3 B/W 3 CREDITS (equivalent to 0.048 €)
Print / copy / scan A4 COLOR 10 CREDITS (equivalent to 0.16 €)
Print / copy / scan A3 COLOR 16 CREDITS (equivalent to 0.25 €)


To print:
  • insert your USB memory stick in the dedicated port close to the display
  • select the relative function on the display,
  • browse your folders and files to select the one you wish to print. The file must be in PDF, JPG e TIFF formats (please convert word files in pdf to print them)
  • select the green icon in the lower conrer of the display before removing your USB memory stick.

Appropriate instructions and indications on the contacts in case of breakdown or problems are posted next to the machines themselves.