Loans, returns and consultation


You can consult printed bibliographic materials by taking them directly from the shelves or by requesting them from the staff of the internal counters, if in they are located in the sotrage areas. Return the consulted materials to the counters where you collected them or leave them on the table.



If you need to borrow books:

  • Search the book(s) of your interest in the Catalog to check if BEM holds it
  • Enter a loan request (if the book is available) or a reservation (if the book is currently on loan)
  • Wait for the e-mail confirming the availability of the books(s)
  • Collect the book(s) within 4 days of receiving the email


If you wish to benefit from the subsidized undergraduate loan (5 volumes for 30 days), you must send a self-certification email about your undergraduate status to, putting the thesis supervisor as cc. 



If you need to borrow books:

  1. make sure to be registered to the library and if you are not yet fill the dedicated form
  2. Look for the book(s) in the catalog to check if BEM holds it. This is something you can always do even without a SCU account.
  3. Write to indicating your personal data and the location of the book(s) retrieved on the catalog and requesting to put aside the book for you
  4. Wait for the e-mail confirming the availability of the book(s) with the instructions for collection, which can take place without having to reserve a seat in the room.

A copy of the confirmation email must be shown off at the library entrance.



If you can't come to the library in person you can delegte another person in your place. You must fill in the delegation form that you must hand to the library staff together with a copy of your form of identification. 



If you only wish to return book(s) on loan, without accessing the library premises, you can use the 24/7 return box located under the roof of the new building (access from Via Filadeflia 73).

Book(s) will be kept into quarantine and downloaded from the loan at the end of the quarantine period. Only then you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the return. No penalty will be applied to you for the days of delay due to this process.

EXTERNAL USERS: returns are possible exclusively through the external box 24/7