Interlibrary services

Interlibrary services allow you to retrieve a book or article from other national or foreign libraries. This service may be subject to a fee.



You can request up to 5 books or articles per week on interlibrary loan or document delivery. They can be collected at BEM reception desk during opening hours and without the need to book access.

To activate this service, send an email to (book(s)) or (articles and parts of books), indicating in detail the data of the document(s) you need.

The service can be free or pay-per-use.

Consult the list of services for details of the costs. Payment must be made cash upon receipt of the document and a regular receipt will be issued to you.

If you are part of the teaching staff you can choose to charge the cost on your research funds.



BEM welcomes requests from Italian and foreign libraries. The loan is limited to the items that are available for external loan. The duration of the loan is 30 days, renewable for further 15 days if the item has not been requested by other users.

Libraries can request documents through:


The requesting libraries undertake to comply with current copyright legislation and to deliver to the end user only a hard copy of the articles requested. In the event that the requesting library loses or returns a work that is damaged, they are asked to replace it with another copy of the same edition, or - if this is not possible - of another edition agreed with BEM.

The service is carried out in a regime of free reciprocity with

  • UNITO libraries
  • with those libraires that adhere to NILDE, ESSPER and BESS and
  • with all those ones with which express reciprocity agreements have been signed.

For all other libraries payments must be made only by IFLA voucher when items are returned and according to our price list.