Course books

BEM has an Educational Section (DID) which collects the textbooks of the courses offered by of the School of Management and Economics.

These textbooks are kept at the loan desk, to which you have to refer to both for their consultation and for loan.

The first copy of the textbooks (copy maked with an "A") is reserved for on-site consultation, while further copies available can be borrowed. Up to 3 textbooks can be borrowed at a time, for a maximum duration of 15 days, extendable by 15 days given there are no reservations on them placed by other users (this rule is valid for all user categories).

In the library there are also additional copies of textbooks provided by Edisu (OPU or EDISU locations). These volumes, placed on the platforms around the loan desk, have a loan duration of 40 days, renewable for 30 days, as defined by the agreement between the Edisu and the University of Torino. The loan of the Edisu volumes by convention is reserved to UNITO students.