Documentation, regulations and privacy

DECREE [Italian only]

The Rectoral Decree n. 3670 of 14/06/2013 decrees the establishment of the Library of Economics and Management and its constitutive regulation and its governing bodies.

Both are listed in the following document.

REGULATIONS [Italian only]

Below you can find the general regulation of the library in which the library, its objectives, its users and the governing bodies are defined and the regulation of services which contains BEM's services operational general rules.


PRIVACY [English]

Below you will find information on the personal data processing.

The information is prepared in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). Consent is essential to enroll users in the services offered by the libraries belonging to the Bibliographic Research Pole.

SERVICE CHARTER [Italian only]

The BEM Service Charter is included in a more general document which also includes those ones of other libraries and the Research and Third Mission Directorate of the University of Torino, which BEM itself belongs to.