Behaviour in the Library

In the library you shall keep a decent, fair and respectful behaviour. Particularly you mustn't:

  • damage, in every respect, materials and equipments available in the library;
  • mark any library materials;
  • disturbing, in every respect, the study and working activities;
  • using your mobile phone that must be kept in silence mode or switched off;
  • eat or drink (except bottles of water picked up at the vending machine);
  • introduce animals, except for guide dogs for people with impaired vision;
  • carry out any selling or exchanging activity, publicity or propaganda, collect signature from other users or hyand out any sort of questionnaires without prior permission;
  • leave any book or personal belongings unattended, regarding which the library declines any responsibility in case of theft or loss;
  • reserve seats for other users or keep any seat busy beyond a reasonable period of time and enter without permission in areas reserved to the staff;
  • using lockers outside the library beyond the opening time of the library itself.

Breeches of the rules above may result in a verbal warning and, in cases of particular gravity, suspension from the library services.